Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers

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RMRM holds an annual exhibition that is firmly family-orientated
It has many drive-it-yourself layouts...
...and other interactive features... well as the traditional "don't touch" fully scenic dioramas

The 2016 exhibition, our 26th, was busier this year than last, with an estimated 1,000 visitors during the day.
Over £1400 was raised for Action for Children - the Methodist Church's charity.
Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors for your support.

Nigel Tansley, 2016 winner of both the Midwinter Cup and Foxline Trophy (Picture: Dave Uttley)

The winner of both the Midwinter Cup (voted for by the visiting public) and the Foxline Trophy (chosen by the exhibitors) was Nigel Tansley, pictured, for his layout called Q Dump. This is a representation of part of a narrow-gauge military railway that took supplies forward to the trenches of British forces serving in France during World War 1. As well as the railway itself, the 16' long model includes features typical of the battle-scarred landscapes of the period: shell craters, damaged building, horses, vehicles, artillery pieces, boxes of supplies and military equipment, tents, troops preparing to go forward, and casualties being tended prior to evacuation. Each little cameo has been researched. Nigel has assembled documentary evidence to justify the inclusion of every one.

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