Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers


Details of all layouts available for exhibitions are available in the attached PDF file

The club also built an 'O' Gauge Industrial layout, Gillan and Brown, which is now in private hands.

Danny's Light Railway at Crewe 2008
(Courtesy of Cheshire Railway Modellers)

RMRM promotes the modelling of railways through its hands-on layouts. These range from push-along Brio for the youngest enthusiasts through to the scenic Harbour where visitors are guided as they work goods and passenger trains in a prototypical manner between the low-level fish dock to the upper level terminus.
Other hands-on layouts include...

From time to time, RMRM presents these layouts at venues other than model exhibitions, so exposing them to audiences unlikely to attend traditional shows. These events are promoted by community centres, churches, etc. and aim to involve all the family - children, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

The recent Model Railway Family Fun Day held at Woodley Methodist Church (Stockport) is an example. As well as the robust drive-it-yourself layouts, there were a few highly detailed small layouts (definitely "don't touch") presented by their owners, just to show what can be achieved and operated in an ordinary home. Piles of railway and model magazines were available free to good homes.

And the event was successful! Unlike model railway exhibitions, where the last hour becomes increasingly quiet, the hall at Woodley was busy right to the end.

Indeed, it was difficult to get some of the children to take their parents home!

A thought

Modelling railways is a fascinating creative hobby that involves a diverse range of crafts and skills. It will wither without new recruits. Recruitment will not happen if modellers simply rely on folk attending exhibitions. Individuals and clubs need to get out and actively celebrate the hobby, involving those whose perceptions are influenced by outdated myths and misconceptions.