Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers

Gillan and Brown

Welcome to Gillan and Brown, engineers to the world - in miniature!

The club layout depicts part of the extensive internal railway of G&B, bringing in raw materials and taking away finished products and waste. There are over 70 separate demountable loads. Which of them appears, and hence the wagons utilised, is determined by a randomised card system. And then there is the loose coal required to power this industrial complex.

All photographs on this page taken by David Kitching at Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition 2010 and are © 2010 David Kitching (reproduced with kind permission)

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A train from the Exchange Sidings arrives in the Middle Yard
Having run round, the ex-LNER Y7 (G&B No. 6 Merlin) has propelled a consignment of wire coils to be unloaded behind the storm screen of Stores C.
Ex-LNER J94 (G&B No. 10 Derek) propels a 16-ton mineral wagon towards the end-tipping facility.
The empty wagon is being withdrawn...
...ready to be shunted into the Coal Empties siding.